Pricing Expertise

Most real estate agents know the range of the price on a property the moment they walk through the door. After seeing similar homes, and writing offers for different buyers, they have expertise in pricing, and understand the value of each neighborhood.

While anyone can pull general pricing information from Zillow or Trulia, the true value of a house is often not that simple. Offering price often depends on competing offers, competing inventory, market environment, condition of the house, and various other factors. Real estate agents have the experience to know whether the specific house is overpriced or underpriced, given they actively review the current market inventories.

Skilled and Unemotional Negotiations

Negotiations are tricky waters where many buyers do not feel comfortable venturing into. Most importantly, real estate agents, who are experienced in real estate transactions, can immediately identify the strengths of their clients, and use them as negotiation tactics, to help you obtain the benefits that matters to you. Many sellers are also more open to listening to an agent, given they know that the agents are bonded by the ethical code, and hence pledged to tell the truth.

Real estate agents are also unemotionally attached to the property. Hence, while buyers can get frustrated and ready to walk from a great purchase, real estate agents rarely get frustrated over negotiations. Some buyers also get overly excited, and end up accepting all terms after little or no negotiations. Agents, on the other hand, are less likely to be emotionally attached, and will assist you in seeing the bigger picture in a transaction.

MLS Database Searches

MLS refers to the Multiple Listing Service, the predominant listing platform for residential sales, available to all REALTORs. With the all information on the internet nowadays, many buyers no longer see the need for MLS searches. Many websites now offers free information and listings from the MLS. You can also get such information by registering on

However, what most buyers do not know is, there are specific information on the MLS listings which are only viewable by REALTORs through the MLS platform. To gain access to such information, you need a real estate professional to assist you with reviewing the information.
Furthermore, some real estate agents will preview properties for their clients, and through that help you achieve higher efficiency in finding the property you like.

The Paperwork

Usually, a lot of paperwork is involved in the purchase of a house. What is prelim? What are Escrow Instructions? When should you deposit your Earnest money? What do you need to do to close? What are HOA CC&Rs? When should you receive HOA documents? How are property condition disclosed? What is a home inspection? What should you sign? What are you not obliged to sign?

As real estate professionals, we will help you through the paperwork, and ensure you are in compliance, and properly protected.

Record Keeping

With a real estate professional, all documentation is maintained by the broker for 3 years upon close of escrow.

Avoid Closing Problems

You are ready to close, and your financing bank did not end up wiring the funds to the title company, because they are missing some paperwork. Now you are stranded with your moving truck, and nowhere to stay.

When using a real estate agent, we try to anticipate all necessary issues prior to closing. We try to ensure all important documents are included in the closing packets prior to you signing. We also provide advice on realistic timelines, and when you can expect to move-in.
While we are not escrow or lending experts, we will assist you in avoiding all the pitfalls in closing on your house.

What much does it Cost to Use a Buyer’s Agent?

This is the best part: usually nothing! The seller typically pays for the buyer’s agent services, as a courtesy to the buyer. Hence, why not obtain your own representation when it is usually available to you at no additional cost.